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San Antonio Birthday Party Entertainment & Magician

San Antonio TX Magician - Fantastic Birthday Party Entertainment







The Birthday Party Show - San Antonio and South Texas

Price: $220.00 (within Loop 1604) - additional fee beyond Loop 1604

Fantastic Birthday Party Entertainment! - The Birthday Party magic shows contain many traditional magic tricks and illusions that have stood the test of time such as the Linking Rings (with a Harry Potter twist) or the Die Box in which a large die is made to disappear and re-appear using a "magic box".
Other tricks in the show involve silk scarves, cards, cylinders, and coins presented in his comedic performance style. A small present can be made to appear for the birthday boy or girl. (A small gift, about the size of a Pringles canister must be provided prior to the show). This show ends with "the world's most dangerous magic trick". A small contained, table-top fire turns into a bowl full of candy! (candy included). The show is timed to music and has a lot of audience participation. The length of the show is approximately 30 minutes. Illusions by Blake will travel throughout San Antonio and South Texas to bring this great show to your event.

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